Domain Name Registration

A Domain Name is the name that is used to access a website.  And any website needs a name, a domain name.


Domain names are purchased from Domain Registrars (Domain name service providers).

A domain name is also a brand, an identity, and it is to be chosen carefully. While you can change domain name, it is best to chose one carefully and stick with it, as changing domain names is not ideal for your website’s visibility on Google search etc.

Website Hosting

A “website host” is a space on a server where the website files are stored, and from where files are displayed to a visitor when accessed.

ATS also offers affordable hosting solutions to our clients.

If you are not familiar with the process of buying domain names and hosting services from services providers, entrust it to us to take care of it. We provide complete service from buying domain name, hosting, domain and hosting configuration, DNS configuration to get your website up and running.